Cleric Cloister

There are several hundred Clerics in the world. They do not shy away from fight, and make sure everyone knows it. Clerics are most commonly found in churches, and monasteries of their gods. They often travel to help those in need, for a price. Clerics offer religious services, but their fees are increasingly causing people to see help elsewhere. Mercenary groups are starting to win contracts by charging less.

Clerics have the mentality that they are better than the average person. Unfortunately, it is true in most cases (game mechanics: all clerics are 2nd lvl fighters then cleric).

It’s not that they are uncaring, it’s just that they have grown weary of the populace who seem to always be in need of saving. If it’s not bandits, it’s ridiculous claims of sea elves, which have never been proven.

Clerics are more keen to provide religious communications for people to pray to their gods, or provide marriage services. They miss the simple days of bringing enlightenment to the disenfranchised.

The clerics meet once a year at an old monastery to discuss the important events of the world, and to decide where they should lend their support. Unfortunately, they have chosen to sit back and watch as the Kingdom of Vohm has started gaining momentum in their never ending crusade to cure the land of the blight that is arcane magic.

Many clerics disagree with this stance the clergy elders have taken, and have started flocking behind the banner of Larissa von makaber. There are even whispers among the clergy that it is believed she’d make a better leader, than the high council.

Cleric Cloister

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