The legacy of Magic

Sewer Rats!


Pirate Solomon Duress and the Dragonborn Paladin Balasar made port in Creastol, the capitol of Zinia. This town is the biggest settlement among the isles. (about 1/3rd the size bigger than water deep). Upon landing, Duress made way into the city to find Fen the Red, his contact to sell fine alcohol too. Upon entering Fen’s tavern, The two companions noticed that it was empty. It seemed as if the patrons left in quite a hurry. Upon discovering claw marks, these two investigated the basement, and found the grating to the sewer had been chewed away by rats.

Fen was found behind the bar, bitten and plagued. Balasar healed Fen’s disease, and they moved on to clearing out the inn. After the inn was cleared, Duress and his companion relocated to the local Hospice, where it was discovered that Duress had been bitten, and caught the blight. The hospice summoned a Cleric, who then cured Fen and Duress of their ailments.

Later that even, while sharing A whale of a Tale with a bar full of sailors, Fen and the (now) gang were told that they could not leave the city until the blight had been stopped. The crew of the Red Gale found the blight had a pattern, and followed it into the sewers. They were ambushed by a few rats, but had no problem dealing with the threat. Some time later, they discovered the rats nest below the castles secondary food storage, and convinced the local authorities to burn the building down, after burning out the nest below.

Duress was then invited to have dinner with the high cleric of this city, and was then taken to the palace to discuss the contents of a Journal he found. He has been asked to help, but in a more round about way, and knows that should his ship venture to these areas where Phargoll may be, he will be well rewarded for his deeds of heroism.

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